Friday, August 14, 2009

Lingerie Wearing Couple

I am a dominant woman who loves to dress my submissive crossdressing husband in sexy lingerie. We enjoy going shopping for new lingerie and its such a turn on knowing what lingerie he is wearing under his man clothes. As soon as we get home we always have a hot lingerie sex session together, trying on all the new lingerie we bought, the sales clerk always wonder why two different sizes, some of them know and some do not understand. We just enjoy wearing lingerie together and yes I also enjoy using a strapon on my husband when he is dressed in lingerie.

Couple Wearing Lingerie

Have been crossdressing for many years and wife has always been accepting of it, and has always enjoyed seeing me wearing lingerie. I know what a lucky guy I am your thinking, but to be honest there are more woman out there than you think that do enjoy a man wearing lingerie so dont give up hope of finding one.

Crossdressing couple

We are a married white couple, she's 36 and I am 39. We are both in good shape and height & weight proportionate. I like to crossdress and enjoy wearing panties, lingerie, pantyhose, stockings, garters, teddies, heels etc. My wife enjoys me crossdressing and wearing lingerie and enjoys picking out what I will wear. We are seeking other men into crossdressing, my wife enjoys seeing men wearing lingerie and we both enjoy being with men who crossdress. We have enjoyed this for many years now and enjoy making new friends who also enjoy crossdressing together with others who crossdress.

Crossdressing Couple Seeking Other Crossdressers

Crossdressing has served to strengthen our relationship. I have been crossdressing for about 15 years and married for about 7 years now. I told my wife right away when we started to date. Crossdressing is apart of who I am and I knew that who I was to marry would have to be ok with it. Obviously she was ok with it since we got married and have been for 7 years now. Over the years we have explored crossdressing alone and since finding this site we are now looking to meet with others into crossdressing and adventure with others.

Crossdressing With Woman

Being with a crossdressing couple is a HUGE fantasy for most who crossdress, its the ultimate fantasy for most who crossdress to be with another male crossdresser and also be with a female at the same time.

Couples Who Crossdress

Wouldn't you like to meet a crossdressing couple? Wouldn't you like to explore your crossdressing with a crossdressing couple? Wouldn't you like to have a female see you crossdressing? Wouldn't you like to have sex with a female while crossdressed? Wouldn't you like to have a threesome with a crossdressing couple where both men crossdress? Are there really couples who crossdress? YES there are really crossdressing couples out there, in fact more and more woman are expressing that they enjoy seeing there husband wearing lingerie or boyfriend wearing lingerie. Woman are becoming more open sexually, and both men and woman are learning to accept each others sexual likes and fantasies, and are exploring them. Crossdressing is becoming more and more widely accepted by our society and by woman.

Crossdressing Couple

I have been crossdressing for about 10 years now, my wife has know for about 6 years, wish I would have told her about my crossdressing 10 years ago because since I told her our sex life has been incredible. My wife really enjoys when I wear lingerie, and we have went lingerie shopping together many times. My wife also expressed she would like to have both mmf threesome and mff threesome. I never knew this fantasy my wife had, but because we are now open and honest with one another we can now relax and tell each other our fantasies. We have met with a few crossdressers at and seeing my wife use her strapon on another crossdresser was so amazing.